From Humble Origins - The Story of the EZ-Groomer

By now, you have all seen what the EZ-Groomer pet comb can do.  You've probably watched one or more of our incredible customer demonstration videos, but do you know the story of it's humble origins.

The EZ-Groomer is the invention of Ken Ticehurst who stumbled upon it one day while fishing for steelhead salmon near Whistler, BC, Canada. Walking along, he noticed that the river bank was littered with the jaw bones of chum salmon that had spawned a few months earlier.

He put some of the teeth in his vest pocket and took them home. Months later, he took one of the larger curved teeth and dragged it through his cat's coat, just to scratch his back. He was astonished at how well it removed his cat's loose undercoat fur.

As a large believer in Biomimetics, he felt compelled to create a grooming tool utilizing this tooth design. He took a few of the larger teeth and attached them to a piece of wood he carved into the shape of a grooming tool. This was the very first prototype for the EZ-Groomer and he shipped it off to the patent office.

Through the use of plastic molding, the EZ-Groomer has come a long way since, but the tooth design remains almost identical to this day.

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About Biomimetics

The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb design is a classic example of using nature as a model for structures and tools. This concept is known as Biomimetics. Also known as bionics, biognosis, or biomimicry, it is the use and implementation of concepts found in nature. Through natural selection, living organisms have evolved well-adapted structures and materials over time. Throughout our existence humans have used nature to answer some of our most complex problems.