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Which pet grooming comb is best for your pet?

Available as 5-Tooth and 7-Tooth

If your dog is quite matted, it may be best to use the 5-tooth comb first to loosen the matts and then the 7-tooth comb to remove. Otherwise, the following suggestions are made for each comb.

7-Tooth EZ-Groomer Pet Comb

The 7-tooth grooming comb works very well on short and long-haired cats, and dogs with short to medium-length coats such as:

German Shepherd • Terrier • Spaniels • Pekinese • Corgis • Shelties • Pomeranians • Setters • Rottweilers

5-Tooth EZ-Groomer Pet Comb

The 5-tooth grooming comb is great for getting out mats and also works exceptionally well on densely-furred dogs such as:

English Sheepdog • Samoyed • Great Pyrenees • Newfoundlanders • Norwegian Elkhounds • Huskies

How the EZ-GROOMER design was discovered...

How the EZ-GROOMER design was discovered...

The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is the invention of Ken Ticehurst who stumbled upon it one day while fishing for steelhead salmon. Walking along, he noticed that the river bank was littered with the jaw bones of chum salmon that had spawned a few months earlier. He put some of the teeth in his vest pocket and took them home. Months later, he took one of the larger curved teeth and dragged it through his cat's coat, just to scratch his back. He was astonished at how well it removed his cat's loose undercoat fur. From that point onward, he felt compelled to make a grooming tool utilizing this tooth design. The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb design is a classic example of using nature as a model for structures and tools.

Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

The EZ-Groomer Pet Comb is a revolutionary new pet grooming comb that uses a unique tooth design to gather dog and cat undercoat fur in an unprecedented capacity.  This very durable pet comb is without equal in effectiveness and ease of use. We offer a full, money-back guarantee on the EZ-Groomer pet comb. Try it and you will be amazed at the results and how much your pet enjoys the massaging action.

The dog pictured here was groomed with conventional combs the day before and EZ-Groomer still gathered this much hair.

Here's what EZ-Groomer users had to say...

  • Kristin

    The package arrived today. I immediately opened it, pulled out the 7-tooth, and tried it on the Ragdoll cat. Awesome! Although he wasn't into being groomed at the time (I usually do it every morning).. What I saw was a lot of hair and no pain! Bonus, the 5-tooth sat on the floor while I did it and he has since snatched it and ran to where he stashes all his discoveries. His new toy. It spins something fierce :-)

    On a side note, I always follow up the cat grooming with a dog grooming session because he gets jealous. He is a short haired terrier mix, so he doesn't need grooming other than after his bath. Ummmm, let me just say, "Move over Cesar Milan, there is a new Dog Whisperer" and it is your comb. I have never seen our little devil so calm. He loves it!

  • G.R. Macadam

    This innovative new pet pet grooming tool works very well on dogs, cats and other animals. I have sold many EZ-Groomers to grooming professionals who have used it on their client's pets and found it to be the most effective undercoat rake available.

    It is very comfortable to use as it easily combs dense hair and fur, removes matting and also can be used to massage the skin. My own cat likes the EZ-Groomer so much that she follows me around when I am carrying it. The quality material used in the manufacture of this unique pet groomer will insure that it will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this wonderful new grooming tool

  • Robin L.

    I stumbled across this great little grooming tool while surfing the web, trying to find something that would work to brush out my American Eskimo dog's long haired coat and my Persian cat, also. I'm dealing with lots of hair and especially getting down to the undercoats, which can sometimes be a trick. These combs work great!!! They don't seem to pull nearly as much as most of the others that I've tried and I have not been able to find anything else quite like them. I just placed a re-order so that I have a back-up that I can carry with me in the car, too. I am very pleased with how they work, and would recommend them to anyone that has a pet with long hair to deal with:-)

  • Jeanene A.

    This summer, kitty has begun to have matting problems and your comb is truly amazing! I looked at some other comb options that were much more expensive, but decided to try EZ-Groomer first. I'm glad I did. It works beautifully

  • Shelly K. and "Bear-Bear"

    I have five other "shedding tools" that claimed amazing things. I used your tool after I had used all five of the others, and I was astounded at the hair that came off my cat! WOW! Your tool delivers where others only promised.

  • Rachel H.

    Your combs are AWESOME!!!!! I groomed my cat the day before I received your combs. I removed quite a bit of fur, but your comb still worked great even after brushing him the day before. I've never seen combs work as great as yours.

  • Sandra Y.

    I thought what in the world have I spent my money on now,but I gave it a try and I couldn't believe how much fur I got off my cats, I'm sure they are a lot cooler now and they look a lot better. Thank you.

  • Aniela K

    I have spent a lot of time and money looking for the ideal grooming tool for my Newfie, Terrier and two cats. The EZ-groomer has been an invaluable device for all four of them, especially my Newfie. Not only does it work better than any of my other combs, but it is by far the best value for money.

  • Dorothy F.

    The combs I ordered arrived today. I used them on my longhaired cat and couldn't believe how much hair your combs caught.Thanks from me and my cat Dusty.

  • S.R.

    I have three Maine Coon cats and a long-hair Maine Coon 'wannabe' that all have their individual preferences for grooming combs, brushes and matt cutters. It's been expensive experimenting to find a cat grooming tool that works well on their coats and that they all like. Finally, the answer arrives in the EZ-Groomer. It works like a charm, especially on the youngest cat who has a very thick 'baby' undercoat ~ a matt-producing machine! He loves the comb so much when I'm finished grooming him, he loves to roll around on it massaging himself.

  • A. McDonald

    I have three cats, one long-hair and two short hair. Also, the neighbour's Golden Lab comes over and requests that he gets groomed as well. All the animals love the EZ-Groomer! I love it too as it cuts down on the amount of hair I have to vacuum every other day along with all the hairballs. I would recommend that anyone wanting to do themselves and their pets a favour to use one of these combs.

  • M. Gillespie

    Just a quick note to let you know how much my two dogs (Golden Retriever and Lab/Cross) love the grooming combs. I have both the 5 and 7 tooth combs,now the old grooming chore is a snap. The dogs thoroughly enjoy grooming and get excited when I bring out the combs. My dogs enjoyed them so much that I have since purchased combs for family and friends pets.

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